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At show time, the lighting is low in the crowded new wave/punk niteclub, and the stage is in total darkness as random sounds (the song- 'Bells & Whistles') begin to emanate from the band. Many in the audience can barely see the glimmer of instruments and dark figures moving about the blacked-out stage. Something is starting up, but is this just the tinkering of roadies and sound techs on stage? The crowd is not really sure, so the club noise and people talking continues on; yet gradually in 3 or 4 minutes time, more improvisation music & sound effects imbue from the PA system and stage area. As the sparse sounds build up into a strange sort of music, the crowd realizes (at some point) that this show has begun; and a dim amount of lighting has now engaged the stage. As the audience begins to get their first glimpse of the band players onstage, a lone 4' tall business public speaking podium to the side of the stage (as if by magic) begins moving, by itself, towards the center of the stage. And somehow the viewers hear vocalisms, but can see no vocalist on a microphone.

Then all of a sudden, as the band cranks into a heavy decibel rock music groove, the lead singer appears from behind the podium. As he begins his ranting and wailing through heavy-duty loud guitar feedback, his sweaty body is attempting to crawl over the podium at the audience, invariably trying to make some point. And that point is: The Businessmen show is now in progress! As the drummer and bassist rumble the groove like a diesel tractor in the immense feedback sound, the crowd sees that the duct-taped clad, crazed guitarist has a blow dryer tied around his waist, as well as other nifty appliances and gadgets attached to him. To the viewer/listener these Businessmen are not displaying razor blades and nose rings, but are clearly demonstrating that they are musical punks and absurd showmen also. The show progresses as the band hurls song after song at the crowd, most of whom are up dancing by then.

As for the rest of the show, check out The Businessmen CD - 'Live from Space City' to hear their performance unfold! The music has a very serious amount of tongue-in-cheek, while some of their songs could act as poignant public service announcements.

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Over the years, the Businessmen have received much support with listings and reviews by Texas area magazines: Public News, Wild Dog, XLR8, the Houston Chronicle, the Houstonian, Houston Music News, and Atlanta's Creative Loafing magazine. Radio airplay has been provided by KPFT, KTRU, & KUT in Texas, WRFG, WRAS, WREK in Georgia, and many other stations throughout the United States and worldwide.
The Businessmen history

It all started when the band was founded in the summer of 1978 by guitarist-songwriter Garret Factory in the hilly, wooded area north of Houston known as Huntsville, Texas. Factoryman combined the wackiest, great rock musicians he could find, and immediately began rehearsing, gigging, recording, and writing more material. The earliest lineup of friends included co-writer Johny 'Savoy' Rowland, Doyle Smith, and Steve Shallow. By Autumn '78, the band for live shows had developed with other friends - Joe Burton, Al Garcia, Eliott Stephens, Stewart Drummin, and lighting/sound ace Ollie Stevans (who later co-founded The Inanimate Objects). After changing their home base to Houston one year later in 1979, The Businessmen were opening in concert for The Police at the Agora Ballroom. They were also playing many other large shows and many regional clubs. Being based in Houston, and including the dedicated big city talents of Don McPants singing, bassist Taylor Durland, & drummer John Bud (who David Bowie jammed with his band in a railroad train car in New Mexico at the time when Bowie was there filming the movie - "The Man who Fell to Earth") & guitarist Garret Factory. The band picked up a few good agents and rocked on. At that time, a large part of their success was also created by a smash 45 single record: The Businessmen - Side A: 'I'm an Artist', and Side B: 'Days of the Funky Progression'. This 1979 release was played by club DJs, and received radio airplay in TX, NY, CA & other states with punkrock radio shows; and continues to receive airplay on many college radio stations.

By 1981, with Garret & Don still waving the business flag, Taylor graduated from engineering school and he took a real job in Wyoming, drummer John moved on also. Through auditions the band took on the awesome drumming talent of Michael Knapp (he & Garret are graduates of Houston's High School for the Performing & Visual Arts), and the super solid bass talent of Brant Gibson (formerly with the punk band - The Saints, and a huge fan of Black Flag, Husker Du, & Iggy Pop). With this lineup, The Businessmen recorded their live vinyl-LP 'Live from Space City' (1981 & released in 1982), and the band cranked up the volume even more.
More Businessmen continued

Throughout the '80's and '90's, other business players on drums are: Ken Knight, & Mike McWilliams; and on bass: Curt Schwebs, and Tom Ng. Now in the new century, Don & Garret have continued The Businessmen in slammin' tradition performing Atlanta area and regional touring shows with drummer Bellian Marshall(Whooping Cranes, Audio Bandits) , and bassist C Dub Wally (Escrow Tomato, Whooping Cranes). The shows in Texas over the years, which include many of the band's YouTube video recordings, feature Tom Ng on Bass & vocals (Businessmen bassist back in their early years/Rock Island & other shows), and drummer Milo (So Wat, Garret Factory & The Drive).

In viewing the crowd from the stage, The Businessmen band has enjoyed the ever-changing trends on the dance floor: disco dancers, pogo dancers, slam dancers, hip hop dancers, zoot suit dancers, business suit dancers, and even party babes in bikinis!. So, what ever is your fashion style and how ever you prefer to dance is cool; but remember to wear your dancing shoes, be ready for laughs, and come rock with the band!

The Businessmen performed as the headlining band at the fabulous Fox Theater for Atlanta's Expo at the Fox, hosted by BET comedian Mack Bootsy. In addition to performing for many years, the band continues writing and recording music for future releases as well. Buy or listen to the recent release double digital download "Needles Aint It/Without Me". Many college radio and public radio stations continue to play tracks by The Businessmen.

The Businessmen have released vinyl LPs, 45 singles, & CDs, and are continuing to rock and roll presented by the Interchange Records label. This band owns the longtime international class registered U.S. Trademarks for bandname BUSINESSMEN. Please insist on only the real, the true, the first, the foremost, the original, and that is: The Businessmen®.

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The Businessmen band personnel

Don McPants - Lead vocals & percussion
Garret Factory - Guitar & vocals
Tom Ng - Bass & vocals
Milo - Drums & vocals
Businessmen - quotes

"Catch this comical act Live, they're a comedy group and a great rock band rolled into one."
DJ Axel, 99X-FM Radio/Atlanta, GA

"With an unusual blend of rock, punk, and dance music, The Businessmen are difficult to categorize."
Karen Waserman, Houston Public News Magazine

"These are really great guys to work with! Even though their style is hard-core rock, they are fun & danceable. You gotta' see this show!"
Promoter Steve Gladsen, Bread & Butter Productions

"I'd rather play Led Zeppelin at 4,000 decibels... Many people in the audience liked the band!"
Phil Pain, Houston's Wild Dog Magazine

"I love booking these guys! All I have to do is tell the client that each guy dresses up as a doctor, lawyer, or professor; then they step on stage in their business suits and patent-leather shoes and rock their brains out!"
Promoter - Don Gomez, Paramount Talent/Houston

"Many thanks to The Businessmen for headlining the Fox Theater Expo in Atlanta. These guys did a great job! I got my very first shout out, and the roses were a very nice touch!"
Lithornia Harper - The Talent Store


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